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come buy my photos!

City Kitties is having an art-auction fundraiser which will also raise $$$ for project SAFE which promotes public health among women working in prostitution on the streets in Philadelphia.

I have about eight or ten pieces in the auction. The shin-dig opens this Friday at Studio 34 in west philly.

If you want to bid on my stuff but you're, like, in Sri Lanka or Toronto, you can email with "OMG! I WANT TO BUY KYLECASSIDY SWAG BUT I'M AT THE ARMPITS OF THE EARTH!!!!"

it supports the keh-tenz.

In other news.

A few years ago Parker Posey had her chance at dating me but she decided that smoking was too important. It was a tearful breakup, but it was for the best. This weekend trillian_stars and I watched two of her movies, Hal Hartley's Henry Fool and it's sequel Fay Grim -- they're both awesome but I was sad to see Parker's still chowing down on the smokes. Henry Fool is a dark, literate, comedy about society, publishing, and human relationships. Fay Grim is all of the above, but Parker's running around in a really awesome coat half the time and Jeff Goldblum is in it playing an FBI agent. It's rare to see a sequel rise above its predecessor, but this is one of those times. If you like the first one, even more brilliant things are in store.
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