kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

No WONDER this country is up oil creek without a paddle....

"Hi, Welcome to Budget Rent-A-Car."

"I'm here to pick up my car."

"Great. Where are you driving?"


"Wow, that's very far away! In fact, that's an 800 mile round trip from here. You probably want a big peppy car to get you there, something with six or eight cylinders!"

"Um, NO I freaking DO NOT. I want the car with the best gas mileage. That's why I reserved the ECONOMY car a month ago. I am not driving an Impala to Utah and back."

"Very well sir, here are your keys! Take shuttle A to the lot to pick it up!"

I'll be forwarding my $180 gas bill to Budget....... &$%$*#@%s.

It wasn't even peppy, it was a slug. I would probably have complained less if they'd given me a Corvette convertible. But this is about as bad as it could get, short of being a Winnebago.

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