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Last night trillian_stars and i went to see Sex and the City at the local gigaplex -- i thought it was great. As a fan of the series i appreciated a storyline that seemed apt, characters who were allowed to age, mature, and ... well, be themselves and a storyline that i found fun, compelling, with the flash we've come to expect, and an outcome ultimately satisfying. For a story that's basically about trying to find depth in the shallow end of the pool, I think the writers, actors, directors, and cinematographers did a fabulous job.

Sex and the City, the movie as well as the show, isn't a "chick flick" and suffers by that characterization -- it's a well made and cleverly told story that just happens to be about four women. I'm not sure how it holds up for people who never watched the series, but I found it a great look back at an excellent series and ... I do look forward to seeing another one in ten years, to see where they'll be in their lives.

met this fellow today:


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