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the claw!

We spent the weekend with Brainclaw doing fabulous things which mostly means that we watched a bunch of horror movies, including "Re-Cyle" by the Pang brothers, which was awesome and "Croc" which was not. Then imagining our own, which would be much better. It would be about a woman with a distinctive facial tic whose husband is kidnapped by the government and his DNA merged with that of a deer tick, giving him an impenetrable exoskeleton but an unquenchable craving for human blood. When he escaped the government facility into the nearby forest, there would be only one person who would possibly be able to talk him out of his rampaging feast of blood....

It would end only after he drained an entire boy scout troop of their precious bodily fluids and became so bloated that his six arms and legs would no longer reach the ground, making him an easy target. Sadly, his wife would have to pop him, weeping and twitching as she does.

It's a sad story, you see.

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