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ork! ork! ork!

My seal, let me show it to you:

And while we have your attention, this notice just arrived from city kitties:

West Philadelphia--

City Kitties really needs your help! We have two adult females (Tastycake and Shorty) who need foster homes without other cats ASAP. Both girls are young, sweet, and make great companions, but they're stressed out with other cats around and we have to move them. We also have an FIV+ lovebug, Seven, who needs a cat-free foster home. If you think you could provide a home to one of these sweet kitties, please let us know!

Also, please consider adopting Pickle (male, white with orange spots, 4-5 months) or Orwell (female, tuxedo, approx. 3 months) if you're interested in a kitten. We have no idea why someone hasn't adopted them yet! If you need a companion for your dog or cat, Pickle is your guy. Orwell would do really well in a home with another kitty, too.

Any questions, email us at info at citykitties dot org

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