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do you want to hear about my ... good ... day ....

So, trillian_stars and I had the perfect day today, really, I think. (trillian has more about it on her lj.)

This morning we stopped by 4038 Spruce Street to leave flowers at the house of Charles Epting Vansant who was the first of five shark attack victims in the 1916 "Twelve days of terror" -- where a large shark terrorized the coast of New Jersey during the first two weeks of July, eventually swimming up the Matawan river continuing its feeding on unsuspecting bathers, attacking three people (and killing two) several miles inland. By all accounts Vansant, a Upenn student, was a good man, adored by his friends. Witnesses say the shark that killed him was 40 inches in diameter and held on tenaciously as rescuers attempted to drag him from the surf.

After that we rolled into Abysinnia and got the foul bean soup -- dang, do I love that stuff. Then we took an extremely vigorous, near excruciating ride, down West River Drive.

West River Drive is closed to automotive traffic on the weekends and you can go all out on your bike or roller blades

We were pretty exhausted by the time we made it to the top of the hill and very ready for a break. We stopped in the zoo

, which I have very mixed feelings about -- having worked in a zoo (and that zoo) before -- you balance on one hand the good environmental work they're doing with things like golden lion tamarins, environmental awareness, and on the other hand, you have sad animals in cages (though they are getting significantly less sad, so much work has been done in the last 20 years on creating interesting, interactive habitats)-- like many things it's not all good nor all bad and ultimately I think you need to take the good, and try and change the bad, utopia is on a far off hill and we don't all agree on it anyway.

We saw some cute baby bears frolicking and Trillian stopped to help one that was about to fall off of a log.

Then, we saw a three toed sloth

We went for an all out Indy 500 ride in the swan boats. Trillian shrunk down until she fit into a flower

Then, we nearly died in a killer bee attack

after barely surviving that, we were nearly PECKED TO DEATH BY VICIOUS KILLER BIRDS!!!''

We came home totally wiped out from all the riding and pedaling but emotionally invigorated. I jumped in the shower and when I got out, trillian_stars handed me a mojito made from the mint in our own garden. I crashed on the sofa & started writing an article for videomaker magazine.

You need productive days in your life where you write symphonies, dance ballets, compose poetry, and salve the world with healing medicine -- but you also need jewels in that setting where you realize that you are loved and that you take the time to breathe in the particular mixture of life around you and expel it back, hopefully the richer for having nestled, however briefly, in your lungs.

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