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Tom Purdom tonight in Philly

I went to the symphony last night, because that's what I do, and I saw this guy there and said "That looks like freaking Tom Purdom the Science Fiction author!" and it was!

(I recognized him because I'd once been hired to photograph him giving a lecture at a convention which I MISSED because I misread the schedule and thought he was speaking at 9 not at 7 and found myself drowning my woes at a party at the Mariott that some Sci-Fi magazine editor dressed as Clippy the Microsoft Office help icon invited me to. And sweet barking cheese who was there? But Tom Purdom, hangin with the peeps, doleing out science fiction authoring advice. So I got my shots and everybody was impressed at my incredible access.

Anyway, after going "Great Balls of Socks! Are you Tom Purdom The science fiction author whose 1964 novel "I want the stars" introduced the alien races the Horta and the Borg and was aparantly required reading for the folks writing Star Trek.?!" I asked him what he was up to. He told me that he's giving a reading tonight at Robins Books. I very excitedly told him that my copy of I Want the Stars is even FACING OUT on my bookshelf. I took a photo so I can show him tonight.

See y'all there. 108 South 13th Street, 7:30. Tonight.

This fanboi mind melt brought to you by fate.

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