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In which the narrator is extremely hyperactive or Who Killed Amanda Palmer anyway?

So I've no idea really what's top secret anymore and what's not, so I'm just going to post some photos of this really awesome day and see if someone in a suit flips out.

A bizillion things happened today.

I've been setting up photo shoots all over Boston all day with Amanda's assistant bethofalltrades (who is awesome, if you got here because you like The Dresden Dolls you should friend her, because she's got all the inside scoop all the time). I'd figured that Neil would just stay home scribbling away but he's too friendly for that, so he comes along, brings his journal, and sits in a corner, scribbling away and being very very nice while we take photos.

We did awesome stuff today. This isn't the awesome stuff. You still have to wait till October for the awesome stuff. But this is us after some awesome stuff. I imagine this is what it's like on the set of a Bruce Willis movie with someone calling down the stairs Do you have the blood? Who's got the blood? Someone needs to go out to the truck and get more blood, tell that FX guy that we need it to shoot fifteen feet this time! It needs to clear the wall this time!" Well, I imagine it's like the set of a Bruce Willis movie but with nobody yelling at you.

You may find yourself wondering Just who killed Amanda Palmer after all.... Well, I'm wondering that myself.

This is after one of the awesome shoots in Brookline, the photos look freaking amazing. I felt like a rock star while we were looking over them.

This is Neil sitting in the corner scribbling away. He's all so like "Can I go get you some water? Does anybody need anything? Let me carry your bags." He's so nice it's unreal. He's like Fred Rogers in black.

We got finished shooting at about 2:00 a.m. and we're sitting in the kitchen in Neil's apartment and he says something like "blah blah blah I was sitting next to Paris Hilton once blah blah blah the lounge song I wrote blah blah" and we were all like "the lounge song?! so he sang it for us. Three times! because we kept applauding and shouting bravo! It's hysterical and infectious and I can't get it out of my head -- and Amanda's like "Oh I am so covering that!" So you may hear it too. It's funtabulous.

Palmer is, at this very moment, wearing a Dirndle.

wtf? I kid you not.

Y'all get to see it in October.

This is the best life I ever had. Srsly.

Neil may have more to say in his blog. I can see him banging away at his keyboard right now, producing lines of brilliance.

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