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brilliant stuff...

whafford came home from Syria last night, by way of Egypt and Jordan and England. We sat up into the wee hours of the night talking about stuff -- it's great to have him back. He's got some cool articles published.

trillian_stars and I have decided that we need to put on a play, so I started writing one yesterday, I'm thinking November premiere.....

Then tonight we went and had dinner with JR Blackwell & Dr. Axelrod, there, we did Great Stuff for the upcoming WKAP book.

One thing that sucks is that over the past few months I've been doing Lots of Great Stuff (tm), but I CAN'T SHOW IT TO ANYONE, so it looks like I'm a total slacker. You just wait till October, you'll think I'm cool, darn it.

I got a call from a gallery in Los Angeles that want's to do a show of my work Very Soon, more on that when I know. Also gallery shows coming up in Princeton and NOLA.

We watched "My Kid Could Paint That" -- which I liked. I won't say anymore because it's easily spoiled.

Here's something from a while ago

Can't stop, clown'll eat me .....

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