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Anna Vogelzang's concert

Anna Vogelzang ( brought her wonderful touring (mostly) all grrl traveling singer/songwriter show to my house because of a scheduling conflict with the Green Line. I'm pleased they went from playing at a 350 seat venue yesterday to the intimate setting of my living room today and we got to see them up-close and personal.

Philadelphia's own Birdie Busch ( opened the show up.

emilyn brodsky (who describes herself as "nyc cupcake punk" - followed, playing a ukulele -- an instrument which seems to be following me of late.

I was happy to see her sportin' a "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" t-shirt.

Then finally Anna Vogelzang batting cleanup.

She sang the Paris Hilton song.

Conrad Erb ( -- one of the best wedding photographers I know picked up my Leica d700 and was playing around with the high ISO, and he snapped this photo of me giving trillian_stars a hug at 6400 asa.

Nicki Jaine came over and played the saw afterwards -- she and whafford are still down there chatting with a few stragglers. Trillian and I went to bed. I finished an article for Videomaker but I didn't work on the play.

Still. What a marvelous world, what a great life. I'm so lucky to know your all. (Those of you that I do actually know.)

Do something good today.

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