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Nooo! Nooo! Not more!

I'd misplaced my fisheye lens a couple of weeks ago. After the whole "left my d300 on a train" and the "left my flash at Amanda Palmer's" I decided not to think about it. Just pretend like you never had it, because your brain is getting all crusty and it's just how things roll. So, Imagine my joy friday when I reached into my camera bag to get a lens cap and found my fisheye. It was like "whee! free fisheye!" -- Camera bag is the best place to lose one of your lenses. That way you have it when you need it.

The top photo was taken with the 24-120 kit lens that came with the d700. It's a pretty nice lens actually -- very useful focal length.

Here's trillian_stars thinking "Kyle ought to open a Sunset Romance Photo Studio down here!" or maybe she's thinking "I should open a theater down here that only does plays about pirates!" Myself, I was thinking I want to remember this moment forever.

More action shots in trillian_stars' lj.

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