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What's your favorite post in the lj?

Some of you (for various strange reasons) have been reading this LJ for years -- many of you are probably coming via the old Photo-A-Week blog -- but there are lots of new people. I've been meaning to try and come up with a FAQ for a while now, with a list of the cast of characters so people aren't saying Wiggles? What the heck is Wiggles?

Anyhoo, since I'm not really sure why lots of you are here, I thought I'd ask you all to post a link to your favorite post in this blog -- the thing that epitomizes what you like about it.

*** Edit - People Suggest: ***

This one about cleaning the house

This one about a murder mystery party we threw kind of shows what life is like around here

The Bing Post

Scrunch the cat happy/sad/happy cat rescue tale

The Mojave Desert Travel Diary * Personal Favorite of mine too

Singer/Songwriter house concert

Road kill photo and musing about life/death/america

Photograph of a nuclear power plant

Breakfast with Roswell is its whole seperate thing. There are dozens of them, this is one.

The romantic and true tale of last Valentines day wherein a man learns a lesson about life

Roswell eats a book about tigers

I vacuume the filthiest carpet on earth with a 12 amp Dyson DC14 and use the word "phaneromania" in a sentence

Score some old childrens books
Scathing review of said childrens books when we found out how evil they were.

Roswell loves nori -- this isn't the first post about it, there are probably better ones

Fake movie posters

Trillian being famous

Photos of some dude getting arrested in front of my house

This is how I did this photo geekery post

What entries should people look at to figure out what's going on here?
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