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because he's in the news...

Joe Biden in an airplane hanger in Pennsylvania on the day that Al Gore announced Joe Lieberman as his running mate. Gore and Lieberman were an hour late so someone suggested Biden get up and talk and he talked for 59 minutes about economics, off the cuff, and I was struck dumb at how he was able to do that, for an hour, without an um, or an aah, cohesively, like a college professor who'd been doing it forever. He was an excellent speaker.

I used to live in Wilmington and I ran into him once at the grocery store, he was with Tom Carper, who, at the time, was my congressman and was sporting some serious 5 O'clock shadow. I was like "You're Joe Biden!" and he said "This is Tom Carper," and I said "Yeah, I know, but you're Joe Biden." (about seven years later in an elevator in the Press Club in Washington D.C. I repeated this performance of acute skill by pointing at the man in front of me and announcing "You're Karl Rove!" (Ronnie James Dio is not the only person who thinks I'm an idiot!)

Then a few years later I found myself in Bucharest Romania with Joe's sister, and campaign manager, Valerie. She was teaching women how to run for political office, I was photographing stuff.

I was sitting upstairs like a good boy working on my speech for the Rowan University convocation and came downstairs to look for a quote in a book, and now I'm sitting here with trillian_stars slacking, watching the convention. She's a bad influence on me.

But you get this picture.

p.s. Note to Joe Biden: All the cool kids are using the Windsor knot now, the 4 in hand is so ... Beatles.

p.p.s. ken burns has the worst haircut on earth. that dude from Belfgore is now off the hook.

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