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book stuff....

There was a big look-through of all the images and ... photos have been chosen, Neil's cranking out brilliant stories, things are happening -- it's very exciting, and kind of nice because my work's done, now I just get to sit back and watch things happen. I talked to Beth on the phone today -- things are good. There are all these other things that are Big Cool News type things but they seem to just get buried. Lots of stuff happening with my last book but I'm too lazy (or maybe just not as excited) to put it up. I need an intern.

I'm doing the album cover for Gary (ex. Carfax Abbey) Billings' solo album on Friday. I did the last Carfax Abbey album cover ("It Screams Disease") Which I like very much. (Here's an outtake)

And here's Savanah and CFX bass player Noel in between takes:

She was awesome to work with. She's one of the most professional models I've ever met. Very serious, but very fun too. She can turn "little girl" off and on like a switch.

Trillian's at rehearsal for The Trial I'm home alone with the girls. I think we're spending the weekend with Mr. Viglione -- if so you can expect cool new photos.

I love this video of Brian and Amanda covering The Ghost In You

I'm giddy these days. Or feverish. Who can say.

Ramble on. I think I'm going to go play pinball.

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