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ah ... things.....

So much is going on I'm not sure if things are happening or not. trillian_stars and I watched a very decent sci-fi movie called "Sunshine" which ripped off "Silent Running", "Event Horizon", "Cube", "2010", "Until the End of the World", "On the Beach" and "Solaris" in equal parts and "Alien" to a lesser extent. But it did so very well. The final result is very worth watching.

We made some good food which was entirely second or third tries at things for The Book, so no photos but lots of noms.

Speaking of books, I'm reading a couple of good ones, Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and the Rise of Spiritualism by Barbara Weisberg -- which has lovely local interest as Maggie married Philadelphia legend (and one of my own personal heroes,) Elisha Kent Kane, so there's a great deal of "Maggie and Elisha spent the afternoon walking up Chestnut street, arm in arm, throwing sticks at winos" which gives me joy (to hear about the home town that is) -- it's also a fascinating account of What People Believe and Why They Believe It -- amazing how prevalent seances were at the time and how the spiritualist movement shot up, rocket like, then burned out, like the Hula Hoop and the Zoot Suit. It's also amazing to read accounts of the same seance by different people -- one of whom witnesses mind boggling proof of life after death, and the person next to him witnesses a clumsy hoax seemingly put on by blind children.

I'm also reading Tom Purdom's 1974 novelThe Barons of Behavior which is a fascinating science fiction work about an election in "the future" (2000) where candidates employ dueling psychologists to create the perfect advertising -- advertising that you can't resist. There's nothing outlandish or unbelievable in it, which I find truly incredible for a book about The Future written more than 30 years ago.

And Neil's back from China, so the last bits of That Other Book are getting wrapped up.

Roswell, I've realized, has a bottomless capacity for love and trust.


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