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this saturday, nyc

christy and mary and i went up for the "welcome media" party thrown by mayor bloomberg and gov. pataki. getting in was something of a pain in the rear, security was tight, but people were nice, a little edgy at times, like police barking "you can't stand there!", but once we got inside, it was just food and booze and the press corps. i'll be photographing for who is blogging the convention at siliconalley so you can check out my photos there as things happen.

FOX News' Sean Hannity was at the party.

Former NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani

Current NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg

CNN's Greta Von Sustren

Christy with some of the desserts.

Mary kept picking up guys and then complaining that she never meets anyone. she had to buy an extra purse to fit all the phone numbers in it.

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