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this is going to be quick, cause it's late....

The wonderful and talented Mr. Neil Gaiman was in town last night reading from his marvelous new work,The Graveyard Book down at the auditorium at the Y.

It was a nicely packed and comfortable house with a very enthusiastic crowd. I was tickled pink that a whole bunch of people came up and said "Hello! I know you from the Interwebz! Where's trillian_stars?" while I was wandering around in the theater before the event. (If you're one of those people who said you were going to email me do it!) Neil read for about an hour and then did a Q&A session for at least as long. It was a marvelous show. He's such a nice guy -- it just makes me so happy. (And freaking Tom Purdom was there who is also such a nice guy -- it's like the science fiction stars aligned and dropped good down on us. click here for the "where's tom?" photo) I'm so amazingly lucky to have run across so many truly kind and generous people.

After the reading I went out to dinner with Neil, Michael Freaking Swanwick, Gardner Freaking Dozois, and Kitty Freaking Cat.

At dinner I asked Gardner if Robert Silverberg's introduction about him in The Visible Man was true. "Completely false!" He said, "I never owned a raccoon skin coat and despite the fact that I had hair down to my waist, I would never have said "Hey! That cat took my picture, man!" Gardner Dozois is one funny ... cat. Man.

Neil's road manager, the awesome and talented Kittycat, is also Mötlëÿ Crüë's road manger! +10 +50 METAL POINTS FOR ME!
and if that's not enough, she was also Duran Duran's road manager. And she's fabulous. I love her.

It was really a wonderful experience to listen to three literary giants talk about science fiction and at the same time to talk to Cat about the antics of full blown metal madness.

After dinner we went out and painted the town a light shade of pink because we're all old(er) and not quite the party animals we once were. I ended up in Michael Freaking Swanwick's car and got to say "I really liked Slow Life" to which he replied "I decided I wanted to win a Hugo Award, so I wrote a story that I thought would be the sort that won a Hugo award. And it did." I also remembered to print out a picture of shuttergal, an outtake from WKAP, and give it to Michael -- her husband, the vastly talented leemoyer did two of Michael's book covers.

I ended up at XIX with an Illustrator and a famous DJ having more marvelous conversations and looking out over the city, not yet asleep, thinking how wonderful life can be if you work at it.

Maybe more later, but it's time for bed.

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