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Yo Adrienne!

"Dr. Scott!"

trillian_stars and I had a swell day yesterday. The new built-in bookshelves we had put in are finally finished, after a month of the Club for the Gentry being a wreck -- well, it's still a wreck, but now I get to put all the books away. I wrote a new article for Videomaker that just shot from my pen like ... I don't know ... something. My simile is broken this morning. But that was satisfying. I find that I like writing very much, but I don't get much time to do it.

After Trill's rehearsal was over we went to Abbraccio with some fabulous actors (one of whom was just in a Bollywood film being made here in Philadelphia called, appropriately enough, New York) and a DJ friend of Amanda's from Boston. We closed that place down then came home and played some pinball.

The temperature is perfect, there's a bit of a welcome chill in the air. Today I may work on the rocking chair project a bit, finish up some proposal letters and I'm going to clean the freaking Club for the Gentry. Trill's at rehearsal all day.

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