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one plus one plus one.

A package arrived in the mail last week, the size of a shoebox, postmarked Wyoming. It was from trillian_stars's 92 year old grandfather. Inside were a pair of blue boots that belonged to her grandmother who passed away last year. As one memory leaves, another arrives. There was also a wonderful letter talking about how he enjoys the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. trillian_stars wrote about it in a recent journal entry.

We spent the evening playing pinball, watching Monk and an indie film called Turquoise Rose I picked up in Page Arizona.

Oh, and we lit the fireplace. It took 20 minutes to figure out the "on" procedure. I assume this will get faster.

I got THREE googlewhacks yesterday. zyflo philologist, zyflo ratter, and the third one, which is a secret because i haven't posted it to the whack stack yet. I figure three in a day is enough to make other people cry.

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