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busy day...

got up this morning and went to work hard on the rocking chair book, did a really great portrait, worked on the introduction, then in the afternoon whafford and I went to see trillian_stars' father who's starring in The Laramie Project. Trillian's going to miss the show because her's is running concurrently at a different theater so I snapped some photographic evidence after the show.

All I knew of the Laramie project was what I'd seen on PBS a few years back -- I expected the set would be a table, two chairs, and a tape recorder. But this wasn't that. Instead it was incredibly dynamic, with multiple actors on stage at once, re-enacting, with a real set, real interaction -- it really was beautifully staged. Trill's dad played a range of characters from the fiery Reverend Fred Phelps (which he did marvelously with great passion in a very dramatic scene that was both hard on the audience and uplifting at the same time), to the lovable cab driver, Doc O'connor, to Sergeant Hing, who he played with such an elegant conviction that you felt a man of conviction come unraveled by crimes he'd never considered, let alone witnessed before.

Now I'm home, sitting in front of the fire, ostensibly working on the Rocking Chair Book waiting for trillian_stars to get back from the first rehearsal of her new play.

The Trial, speaking of which, closes in two weeks, if you haven't seen it, you should.

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