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live from madison square garden

So -- here's how it works at the RNC. We have a booth on "radio row" -- there are a bunch of (mostly right wing talk) radio stations who have booths here, many of them (like FOX and Air America) are actually broadcasting from these booths. You walk down an isle and one after ther other, there are hosts railing into microphones, waving their arms "What the democrats don't _understand_ is ..." and you pass down to the next one who's bellowing "an abortion in every house! that's what they want!" and you walk a little farther and the tone changes again. Now, mingling around this room are a bunch of people who want to be on the radio for one reason or another, but mostly to support the president and make sure the republican message gets out. Then there's a strange dance between radio hosts and guests, many of whom have secret service escourts, aids, and various other people running about with them, sometimes the aids come up to you and ask if you want an interview, they can give you say, 6:02 - 6:14, in the case of a big name person, and then there are a lot of smaller people, (not to call former georgia congressman bob bar small in a political sense) going around by themselves. Sometimes you'll see a congressman or senator move from one radio booth to another doing ten or fifteen shows in the course of an hour. depending on who the guest is, when they get up, often someone else will try and snag them, Susan and I took to ganging up with Pacifica radio and putting on a united front. We've interviewed some delegates from wisconson who gave us as much time as we wanted, and then Pat Buchannan who, said "I can give you 30 seconds", waited for the question, dropped a perfect 30 second answer in our microphone and was whisked off. Everybody was very impressed.

My favorite meeting so far was watergate mastermind and author G. Gordon Liddy:


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