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I have a show in LA this weekend

I have some Images from my photo book, Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes in a splendiferous show in Los Angeles this weekend. If you're around, please stop by and snap many photos and send them to me. (And, of course, buy prints.) Sadly, I won't be at the opening because I'll be attending the closing night performance of trillian_stars' play The Trial.

I really like being in a relationship where you have to make decisions like that. It feels so ... even. And I really like the opportunity of being the anonymous guy standing at the catering table while everybody fawns over Trillian. I'm really proud. And giddy.

Stop out if you haven't seen it already. I'll be the guy in the corner at the after party Bogarting all the steamed broccoli.

clickenzee for more infoenzee

(Thanks to the wisdom of the Blogosphere, I've ordered the Vokerball DVD and the Mutter CD from Isotank.)
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