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a few updates....

1) Amanda just released the video for Oasis -- which is fantastic. I wish I was in it. You can see Emily Freaking White in there and Beth Freaking Hommel as the nurses. My editor once told me that the best thing that could happen for my book would be for Walmart to refuse to carry it. Based on that, I think Amanda's well on her way to incredible sales.

2) Amanda's assistant, the lovely and talented and aforementioned Beth Hommel is having an art sale / fundraiser to get money to buy a plane ticket to Louisiana and get inspired. Check out her shiznit.

3) The Big Book of Who Killed Amanda Palmer is, I believe, at the printers. Holy crikies! I can't wait to see it.

4) trillian_stars and I went out for a walk yesterday and when we got home, there was a pile of stuff at the door from various birthday well-wishers THANK YOU! including a bottle of champaign (excuse me, California sparkling wine). We celebrated.

Then we watched Sigaw which scared the wimpling blinder out of us. Excellent ghost story set in Manilla.

5) This morning our favorite brunch place was inexplicably closed today, so we made lentil soup

and Toasted Trillian Bread!

And there was more stuff left at the door from anonymous peoplz. Great balls of socks!

We're going to go for a walk again and enjoy the lurvely weather and then it's the last performance of The Trial and a big party afterwards.

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