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This Rammstein DVD wants to live in your house!

Life, as I see it, is largely how we react to things, and I believe it's possible for good things to come from not good things.

Case in point -- I bought the wrong Rammstein Vokkerball DVD -- it's region 2 (europe) and it won't play on our gigaplex television. So, I'd like to send it TO YOU so that you can play it on your region free DVD player or your laptop or whatever you kids play things on these days. Ah Rammstein! It's like being caught in some great noisy precision machine that slowly grinds you up into powder, but it's glorious while it happens.

It works like this. I'm going to click "post" then I'm going to go make tasty food. When I get back, the first person who's emailed me a receipt (kyle at showing they donated $15 to City Kitties the cat rescue group, gets this DVD/CD set in the mail (send your address with the receipt). The next 25 people don't get the DVD, but I'll send you a print of some photo (my choice) and you've made abandoned cats happy and the world a better place. Citykitties is also 501(c) so your deduction is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! (if you make more than $250,000 a year, you're going to need this.) Clikenze here to donate.

Volkerball photographed with Roswell to enhance value

Okay, you NEED this DVD because it has a video on it of the band

strapping flamethrowers to their faces

for your entertainment!

This DVD/CD Set is Roswell approved.

Oh, and we have a winner in the 85 1.8 giveaway. More on that tomorrow.

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