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the end of the rainbow

Pinball tournament with whafford met with expected results. trillian_stars and Roswell and I just put in a completely experimental low-cal apple pie*. We went to Ye Local Coffee Shoppe and I worked on a short story that no one is ever going to buy. Trillian's dancing, we're reheating chili. Milla's sitting on my shoulder, purring. Life is ... wonderful.

If someone showed up at the door and handed me a billion dollars I really don't think I'd be any happier than I am right now. In fact, I think my first thought would be "Thanks dude. Can you come back? We're just about to have dinner."

* I tried googling "low calorie apple pie" and all the recipes started out with "one pound of butter". Ours uses yoghurt and Sweet & Low instead. We'll see, it could be a total failure.

Rock on kids. I'll let you know how the pie turns out.

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