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Ego Likeness

Hey club-kidz! Remember all that Great Stuff that I was doing during the summer that I couldn't show anybody? Well, some of it's surfaced. Ego Likeness just announced that their new limited edition EP West is available for pre-order with some of my Great Stuff on the cover! Featuring the bad and dangerous desert. Gila monsters, rattlesnakes lurking just out of sight and all that. It's been fantastic shooting my way across the compass with them. Here's their post about it:
Track Listing:
1. Sirens and Satellites
2. I Live on What's Left 2008
3. Burn Witch Burn, Hypofixx Remix (His last remix no less)
4. The Egg of the Mother (Recorded in 2002, this is the drastically different original version of "Save your Serpent")
5. Severine, Sidhe Mix, by Hopeful Machines

Cover photo by Kyle Cassidy

Limited to 300 all signed and numbered.
$10.00 (+$2 s/h)
These should ship Mid-December.


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