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the symphony

We're on our way to see Beethoven's 8th Symphony at the Philadelphia orchestra. Luckily, I come from a rock and roll background where the 2nd row is something you go "SECOND ROW! HELLA YEAH!" over. We laugh at the poor saps in the "acoustically preferred" seats way in the back.

Trillian looks so marvelous.

"Should you get in the photo too?" asked trillian_stars

"My darling," I said, "I look far too fabulous to be in the photo with you right now, the Intarwebs could not handle the both of us."*

"The 8th?" you say, "it's not the 6th, it's not the 7th, and it's certainly not the 9th." But you know, that makes it more exclusive. Tonight's between Beethoven and us.

* Not really. But I AM wearing size 12 Bruno Magli's.

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