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Last night of the convention.

Rammed into a very small space with a bunch of other phtographers, at least three secret service, an RNC "seargent at arms" and a bunch of delegates who wanted to crowd the isle instead of sitting in their seats. At one point, I was literally _underneath_ a guy from the AP with my camera practially in another guy's ear, shooting over his shoulder. The three of us were taking up the space normally occupied by a single person. It was like being in the front row of a U2 concert. We got there around 7:00 (some of the reporters in the 3 rows in front of me got there as early as 2 in the afternoon), President Bush's speech started around 10:00. I got a bunch of cover shots early on, just in case, but all the good ones were the action shots after the balloons started falling and Mrs. Bush and the rest of the families came out on stage. Then it was just delegates hollering, balloons falling, confetti cannons blowing bits of paper into the air, and the incessent popcorn popper sound of balloons being popped. as they were falling all the photojournalists in my area started stomping on them so we wouldn't trip over them.

After the party is over, all the photographers rush back to the Digital Darkroom to process and upload their prints. Everybody seemed to have a G4 titanium macintosh, either 12 or 15 inches.


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