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Carolyn Turgeon

So this weekend our good friend carolynturgeon aka novelist Carolyn Turgeon came over from her writers garret in an undisclosed location to hang out with trillian_stars and Nicki Jaine and get a new author photo for her new book Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story which comes out in March but is available for pre-order right now. It's about the fairy godmother from the Cinderella story, living in the garment district of modern New York. She's now an old woman (with wings fo shizzle and you can get into the debate about what kind of wings fairy's have) remembering her past life, which includes the night she was sent to get Cinderella to the ball. It takes place half in New York and half in the fairy world. (Those of you with fae in your usernames will undoubtedly want to pick it up.) And get this, she's already sold the movie rights.

Her first book, Rain Village is about a trapeze artist. It has the most beautiful cover, which I will post here.

Here's the description from booklist: "Tessa is a very small girl in a family of giants. And, much to her family's bewilderment and ridicule, she isn't cut out for farmwork. Instead, Tessa gets a job at the local library, where the enigmatic librarian, Mary, with her stories of the circus and potions for the lovelorn, takes Tessa under her wing and teaches her the art of trapeze flying. When life gets difficult at home and Mary unexpectedly drowns herself, Tessa escapes to the circus. Over time, Tessa finds a home among the circus performers, falls in love with a wonderful man, and becomes a mother. However, when a stranger comes around talking about Mary, all of Tessa's old feelings bubble back to the surface. She must decide between the life she knows or risk it all to follow this stranger, who can lead her to the place that may hold the secret to Mary's death. Turgeon's quirky first novel explores the power of secrets and how happiness is found in searching for truth. Carolyn Kubisz
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved "

Hope y'all are having a swell day.

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