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New Orleans has been a big whirlwind of activity. We got in on Thursday and met up with some friends who showed us around town, later that night we had the first photoNOLA event which was a benefit at the Museum of Art -- they were auctioning off one of my photos. We got dressed up and went to that and had a pretty marvelous time -- everybody seemed to know who I was, which was pretty cool. The museum itself was really nice and in between mingling with photographers, editors, publishers, and collectors, we got a chance to run through their lovely collection. Of course, the freakin' paparazzi got word that we were there and there was a gauntlet we had to run through on the way out.

Friday we went to a swamp. Here's trillian_stars in the swamp where we had a very up-close and personal meeting with an armadillo! which was super cool because I'd not seen one up close before. I got pictures from about six inches away. Creep creep stealth me nature photographer d00d.

My show opened Saturday to great fanfare and I met lots of wonderful people, including a few from LJ. Sunday was a free day which we spent in the French Quarter watching middle age drunks shuffle about, potted like plants at nine in the morning, barfing in the gutters and spilling hurricanes and miller light all over themselves while they staggered from bar to bar. Then we went to see some jazz at Preservation Hall and a couple of other places.

Tonight's my lecture and then we're outta here. (I'm starting to miss Roswell, though I doubt she misses me much, she has a house full of cat-sitters to play with her while we're gone.) There's so much to post about but so little time right now -- trill's in Jackson Park reading a book and I just wanted to get a little something posted. We found a restaurant that serves vegetarian gumbo so we're going to grab some of that.

I think sometime next week there will probably be another one of those big .pdf posts like I did for the pacific north west, just to get everything down before I forget it.

Have fun everybody.

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