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towers of cheese and scrimshaw

trillian_stars went out to an audition last night and, of course, she got the part. More on that when showtime approaches. I'm always happy when she gets new roles, but I'm sad that her "I can't, I have rehearsal" icon will be showing up again. The house seems empty without her, despite five cats and the remnants of touring rock bands passed out under the sofas. However, I can use it as an excuse to read more.

And I have been reading more. Periodically over the years people on this blog would say "Wow, you should know Michael Swanwick" and I'm glad for the reoccurring prodding, because now I'm happy to say that I do know him. A five time Hugo award winner, with a new best of collection that just came out (with a lee_moyer illustration on the cover), he's also written fantasy, like The Iron Dragon's Daughter which I think is being re-released in hardback this year, and generally all around extraordinarily artistic person.

While Trillian was out at the audition I spent the evening with Michael and his lovely wife, Marianne and had a truly delightful time. As I was about to leave he handed me a christmas card (addressed to "Trillian Stars and Consort") gleefully announcing "I just saved 42 cents!" (the wonderful thing is that I think he really was happy at having saved the 42 cents through hand delivery).

But we had lots of sensational company this week. The wonderfully talented Brian Viglione was in town for a while. It's like recharging life to see him, he just makes me happy to be alive. Go Viggie.


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