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Last night trillian_stars and I hosted an Xmas Movie Xtravaganza with two of the best Christmas movies ever made, back to back, some of them in sub-woofer pumping 5.1 Surround Sound (and some of them in glorious mono).

Up first was the 1947 masterpiece The Bishops Wife starring Loretta Young, David Nivin, and Cary Grant.

That was followed by the equally stunning and equally classic 1996 roller coaster of awesome The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Gina Davis and Samuel L. Jackson. The ass kicking went on for hours and everybody had a most splendid time.

Pre-movie we spun some Bing Crosby 78's on the victrola and feasted on lawbabeak's chocolate delights (i actually hid them under the sofa so no one else could get to any of them).

This morning we went out to the Arts League and I'm currently writing some articles.

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