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two things

Two things -- so widely varied I've no idea what the comments section is going to look like...


Today is the one year anniversary of The Story of Bing The Christmas Kitten, which, I believe, is the post which has gotten the most comments of anything I've ever posted. If you haven't read it, go ahead and read it secure in the knowledge that Bing and Bump and Saucer and Momcat3 all have homes and are loved like bunnies and everything is happy.

City Kitties can always use your money and, even more, your home for kitten fostering. So if you're moved, drop them some goodies.

Second: New Book


Fo Shizzle. Though I can't take much credit for it (they called, I sent photos, then one arrived in the mail -- that was easy). The fine folks at Intrepid Jam, the people who do the Catwalk Tragedy modeling event (which, did I hear is some sort of MTV show now?) decided to put together a book of the worlds most awesometacular alternative fashion photographers to promote Catwalk T. So there I am with Scott Church and Lithium Picnic and Wandering Bohemian and Serena Starr.

Though why Scott and Phillip got more pages than me, I have no idea!


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