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trillian_stars had a show last night at the SH Playhouse which was swell. There was a talkback after the play which I always enjoy -- to be able to talk to the actors about their craft and this time, also to be able to talk to the playwright. It was a swank evening.

Director TJ Sokso, Actors Leslie Berkowitz, Trillian Stars, Howie Brown and playwright Doug Grissom. Howie Brown was freaking awesome by the way in his one man show "Primary Sources" as the sardonic and slightly detached history professor facing his class the day a harshly accusatory newspaper article about him is printed.

Trillian was in the two woman show "Skimming Through" about a mental breakdown that takes place in a library.

Oooh! Lobby photos!

and in a completely unrelated note, trillian_stars and I had dueling breakfasts this morning. She made an omelet out of lxbean's free range eggs (not only are these chickens free range but they get petted, coddled, and sung to). I, having had some epiphany years ago that I just think eggs are gross couldn't bring myself to eat it, despite knowing how well the chickens were treated. So I made my own vegan version that looked like this

Last night when we got back we watched Smilla's Sense of Snow which rocks. Trillian's off at rehearsal now. I'm sitting here reading Joe Haldeman's new book The Accidental Time Machine which is really funny. I'll probably work on Trill's play in a bit. Roswell's sitting on my feet.

It's a lovely Earth. Enjoy your day on it.

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