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Roswell's Family Needs A Home!

The hooman who Momcat2 and N00t0n used to own moved to a new apartment that doesn't allow cats, which means there is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Roswell's Mom and Sister to live with you!

You may remember when the three of them showed up on the back porch back in July of 2006 looking scrawny and emaciated and displaying their very distinct personalities.

(Clickenzee to go back in time and read the heartwarming story from the beginning if it's not already burned into your brain.)

Now they're all grown up

and need a hooman to love. They're both shy, N00t0n especially, and would prefer to live together. Momcat2 no longer wants to Kill Hoomans and has grown to love the head scratchin's and the pettin'z. They're cuddlers, bed sleepers & head sleepers but they don't like loud noises or dogs. They want a quiet place with someone to love and they're available immediately to make that person you.

Drop me a line if you're the person and we'll discuss options. Out of town families should feel welcome to apply also.

If you can't take them but your heart is bursting to do something, please consider donating to City Kitties in their honor.

Thanks peoples for making the word a better place for teh kittenz.

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