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why is a raven like a writing desk?

why is a raven like a writing desk?

We had some carpenters in the house for the past few days, patching holes and the like. They re-hung the gate in the back yard, cleaned out a bunch of lumber, and put in a security door. I'd been sitting inside working on a new play for trillian_stars (I'll finish today if I can keep this post short) and recently moved out into the back yard because it's like ... fifty degrees out.

I realize that I have a strong need for a custom bit of furniture.

I want a chess table in my office (the Club for the Gentry). But I want it multi-purpose. So it needs to be a cabinet table with storage space underneath it. And while I was sitting in there writing today, trying to copy notes out of my notebook onto a laptop I realized that my chess table needs to double as a writing desk. I rarely write at my actual big desk, I usually lounge back in a satellite chair with my feet up on an ottoman which makes it hard to copy notes out of a notebook. The chess board needs to slide off the top of the table and attach to an arm on the side that can be canted at a 45 degree angle so that I can sit in my comfy chair & write on the surface and then it needs to just fold back into a chess table so that next time I'm water skiing with Judit Polgar and she disparages my rating I can say "But yes, I won my Tony award writing on my chess table."

Big last couple of days, major update will follow. In the meantime: Theme and variation -- a Conspiracy of Stars.


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