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Things are going pretty awesome. Preparations underway for a big big gallery show at the Woodrow Wilson Gallery at Princeton University in April. trillian_stars and I made the most fantastic photograph last night that it's burning a hole in me not to be posting.

Still looking for crash space Sunday night in Jacksonville Florida but the rest of the trip has coalesced into a frenzy of driving and photographing -- this is The Big Secret Project which will soon be revealed.

We spent last weekend with Paul Barnett, aka John Grant aka realthog author of .... Discarded Science: Ideas that Seemed Good At The Time and Corrupted Science: Fraud, Ideology and Politics in Science and about a hundred other books of recent note being The Dragons of Manhattan which may be about Dragons in Manhattan, or it may be about George Bush, I'm not sure yet. (And since he's a Scotsman, told us funny stories about racing to the supermarket in England the day after Burns Day to buy up all the leftover haggis which was on sale.) Also there was pds_lit, his lovely wife, Pam, who, apart from being very nice and being able to sew a quilt during a single episode of Gunsmoke has a Hugo Award (which is not to say that realthog does not have a Hugo. He, in fact, has two, I know, I saw them.)

It was ... and is ... just super swell here. I hope your lives are going splendidly.

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