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Just a post real quick....

So ... back from Florida. Colin and I ended up crashing two nights with nita_mehnert, who's whafford's awesome mother (imagine someone who's half Tori Amos and half Frida Kahlo) & her husband, Eddy, (who like me has a ham radio license but who, unlike me, can send Morse code at 35 wpm -- nerd alert). Here's Nita being anonymous:

As whafford posted, she just had three pieces accepted by the Tampa Museum of Fine Art, and they're awesome. I snapped fotos of some of them -- she has maybe a dozen pieces like this though -- they're called "Not Machines". She's one of the most creative people I've ever met.

I'd mentioned to the marvelous and charming Gay Haldeman that I wanted to see alligators in between all the official stuff I was working on. "That's not difficult," she said and took us out for a walk, and sure enough, if we didn't see alligators

All over the place.

In other news, Greg Frost is interviewed in Genre Fiction.

More later. I still have that most awesome photo that trillian_stars and I did last week that I need to post. I'm Mighty Tired right now though.

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