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this weekend ...

This weekend we did some housework. The back porch was getting a little ragged, after fifteen years of parties and recent cookouts. it had become a dumping ground for a lot of stuff nobody quite wanted to throw out, but didn't know where it went. Under The Porch was particularly awful. There were bags of potting soil, flower pots, LOTS of lumber, lawn chairs, plastic cups, stuff that had fallen from the porch, etc. etc. I got a saw and cut everything down to 2.5 foot sections. christylynn and i pulled out twelve trash bags of stuff. With a little help from her friend mary beth, we yanked out the most egregious weeds. I swept the porch, sanded the porch, swept the porch, sanded the porch, swept the porch, and set the belt sander on fire when a piece of torn sandpaper got stuck in it. freaking just melted right up:

so i washed the porch and put two coats of, unless i'm mistaken, parrot blue exterior on it. tonight i'm hoping to paint the wall and then the porch railing. i'd love to take the paint _off_ of the bricks, but i think that'll come at a later date. possibly when i get a new belt sander. During some of this, Christy cleaned out the fireplace, _scrubbed_ it out actually. it was a very satisfying feeling. Oh yes, she also painted one of the living room walls. Then we went to see "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" which i thought was better than the first one, but christy didn't.

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