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In which the awesome times keep a-rollin....

So, I went with whafford to see Laird Barron, Greg Frost, Ellen Datlow, & John Langan were reading from their new book Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe at the Poe house in Philadelphia. So many people came out that they had to move it across the street to the German Society.

Here they all are in front of Poe's house:

The German Society was a pretty incredible place with a library suitable for a Bond Villan. Here's Michael Swanwick in the library, with a fountain pen:

Michael, I should mention, has his name all over the front of the new Asimov's magazine for a story he wrote with Eileen Gunn called "The Armies of Elfland" (In which armies of elves (complete with stingers) subjigate earth -- who will save us? Buy a copy of Asimov's and find out.)

Michael Swanwick and Tom Purdom (with whafford and Bob Walters in the background.)

I'm also pleased to note that Michael has decreed that by sheer tenacity of presence I am now part of the in crowd. (I SAID WHO WANTS TO @#$@#$ING TOUCH ME?!)

Here's Edgar Allan Poe Scholar Ed Petitt said "At the moment, my beard is only at the level of Civil War Reenactor, not Civil War General." Standing in what was probably Poe's bedroom. He was very awesome.

The American Library Journal just listed Greg Frost's book Shadowbridge as one of the top fantasy novels and put it on their to read shortlist. Here's Greg:

And I finally got to meet Ellen Freaking Datlow:

Greg reading:

Then we all went out to dinner. Bob Walters and Tess Kissinger ( the dinosaur illustrators were there too, so I got to hear about how most of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were actually from the cretaceous but Cretaceous Park probably doesn't flow from the tongue as well, and that how raptors are really birds and that what was chasing people around in the movies were really deinonychus but that doesn't sound as scary. It was an awesome afternoon and y'all should have been there!

I have put many more photos up on flickr
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