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In which you no longer have to wait for the good stuff!

Remember all those months ago when Neil Freaking Gaiman and Amanda Freaking Palmer and your humble author were holed up in an igloo on an arctic ice flo taking photos and drinking grappa all day and my constant mantra was "We did great stuff! You'll have to wait for the great stuff, but here's a photo of my shoes"?

Well, just last week Neil and Amanda had a reading in Ireland -- Neil read two of the stories he'd written about my photos and Amanda passed around prints of them. So -- the cat's out of the bag, so to speak -- you no longer have to wait for the good stuff! You get it right now. Well, two of the photos anyway, and the Goth Mr. Rogers(tm) reading them to boot!

find out about the book here. It says "click to pre-order" but at the moment it doesn't seem to be available on the pre-order page, but you can get your name added to the "let me know when it comes out!" list.

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