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there's been so much theater in our lives....

We've been so freaking busy the last seven days there's really no way trillian_stars and i could hope to post about it all, she tried a bit and i'll mention some other things -- on ... dang, tuesday? ... one of those days, we went to see a reading of Elegy for Oppenheimer the new play by Mark Wolverton which was at the Painted Bride Arts Center (where my play, Ravens Gate will be March 31, mark your calendars, there will be more about this later).

Mark just wrote a book about Oppenheimer called A Life in Twilight: the Final Years of Robert Oppenheimer and the play is based on that. I knew that Oppenheimer had fallen out of favor at the end of his life but I had no idea how seriously he was screwed by a country the play tells us that he loved dearly. The play was excellently done by a cast of thousands.

Certainly his monologues and dialogues taken from letters, testimony and conversations seemed thoughtful and tormented -- a man who neither regretted nor rejoiced in his part in the building of the atomic bomb and a man relentlessly persecuted for genuine mistakes that he had made but after he had given and given to make up for them. I left the performance a sad and wiser man.

After the play I snapped this photo of Mark and Michael Dura who played Oppenheimer brilliantly.

I saw Sue Giddings there, who'd played in Wit a few months back. I was too starstruck to say anything but she and trillian_stars were chatting like the old buddies they are. (If you're new to this blog, You should check out that post, it's one of the better ones here, I think.

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