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I heard Robert Smith on the radio last night say: "My wife and I decided not to have any children. I don't feel very paternal. I do feel very, uncle-ish. I like to teach kids to spit and things like that." That's pretty much how I feel. We have four nephews and a niece. And I like always being the bad influence, showering the kids in fireworks and crossbows and boomerangs and drum kits.

We went to the Nephew's last night, it was Cole's 7th birthday.

Here's the story we wrote for him:

"What do you want for your birthday?" she asked Cole, who was now seven.
"Pirate treasure," he said.
"How about a baseball glove?" she suggested.
"No," said Cole, "I want pirate treasure, gold coins and jewls."
"An action figure?"
"Pirate treasure."
"A video game?"
"Pirate treasure."
"A Frisbee!"
"Pirate treasure."
"A wooden airplane?"
"Pirate treasure."
"A stuffed animal."
"Pirate treasure."
"An abacus."
"Pirate treasure."
"An Easy Bake Oven?"
"Pirate treasure."
"A chess set?"
"Pirate treasure."
"Pirate treasure."
"A plastic duck?"
"Pirate treasure!"
"Matchbox cars?"
"I WANT PIRATE TREASURE!" Said Cole, very loudly.
"Okay," she said finally, "the boy gets pirate treasure!"

He got a little treasure chest filled with cool Martin Van Buren dollar coins. It did look like shiny pirate treasure. Then he and Sean and their dad and Trillian and I put together a huge pirate fort that piratemom2 had gotten them. It was swell fun.

Here's me and Cole and Sean assembling the pirate fort:

Then today I went to Ye Local Coffee Shoppe and finished up next month's Videomaker article while Trillian went to the gym. Then we met over at the park and spent some time there reading books and enjoying the weather. Here's me looking like I need a beard trimmer:

I say, of Godmother: "A joyful book of magical realism. Fairies and books and ancient wrongs (hopefully) righted in contemporary Manhattan. A wonderful thing to read on a spring day in the park."

Here's Trill and her book Perilous Gard which she's enjoying muchly:

Trillian says, of Perilous Gard: "An intelligent witty novel about a strong female character set in my favorite time period in history! Makes a great gift for the best girl in your life ages 12 and up. Definitely worthy of adults."

Bonus shot:

As soon as I finish this, we're going to watch Frankenstein: The True Story James Mason and Jayne Semour, which I vaguely remember from my youth on TV.

Hope your day is as awesome as ours. Do something spectacular. Send a letter to someone you haven't thought of in a long time.

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