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trillian's new hat

last night we went to see ms_violet's play "Traveling Light" at the Shubin theatre. It was exquisitely written -- a midnight graveyard conversation between playwright Joe Orton and Beatles Manager Brian Epstein. The dialog was witty and credible -- I believed it was a conversation the two could have had. 90 minutes well spent. Afterwards we went out to Cuba Libre which is one of the swankest looking bars I've ever been to. You imagine that you might actually be in Havana somewhere (until the bill comes).

Today I'm framing prints for the Princeton show and listening to Rocky Jordan -- a swell, if a bit goofy, radio show that ran from 1948-1950 about Rocky Jordan, an American who owns a cafe in Cairo. Very much Casablanca inspired. It has monologues like "following him was as easy as tailing an elephant in a clothes closet" and "the big man was on me like a tent in a wind storm."

Wednesday or Thursday trillian_stars and I went to our favorite Haute Coture establishment, La douzième Mille where Trillian got this hat for three dollars. Then we went out to the park and read books and took pictures of one another.


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