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The new play moves slowly. Every bit of research I do turns into another idea and it gets more complicated and it invalidates most everything I've written so far, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

My show is up at Princeton though the reception isn't for another week. I got these images today from the installer, Jack Koeppel, who was really marvelous when he picked up the crates and had very nice things to say about the show after he hung it.

This weekend I'll be in Chicago and Wisconsin photographing Fred Pohl and Margaret Weis for the "Where I Write" project. If anybody's around Chicago who desperately wants to meet up, let me know, I'll probably have some time on Friday evening.


Fred Pohl, by the way, is blogging here. I remember sitting out on the roof one summer reading "Gateway" and tearing from one page to the next.

I should also mention that Joe Freaking Haldeman is on livejournal. I kid you not. Check him out joe_haldeman. It's Joe Freaking Haldeman!


My show:

oh yes, hail storm in the hood yesterday!


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