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Ravens Gate

So -- Raven's Gate went off marvelously. The Painted Bride was packed, by the time the reading started it was standing room only and that just kept filling up. By the time the play was over there were probably 15 people standing in the back. There was a pretty lively Q&A afterwards and Trillian signed a bunch of autographs, including one on someone's midriff that's going to be there a week, I'm sure. (You go, Trillian Stars.)

I made a really bad audio recording of it which proves that it's a hilarious comedy in the first scene, a black comedy in the second, and a tear jerking drama in the third, judging by the audience reaction, but not much else. I may put up some bit from the Q&A -- and I realize I'm inspired to see this performance live on, either through a decent audio recording, or maybe making a movie out of it. I really hate video editing though.

For all the goofy things that I hate about it (KyleCassidy has sent you a superpoke! Kyle Cassidy has asked you to join Robots vs. Monsters!) facebook sure has a way of bringing people out of the woodwork.

After the performance we went out with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in forever, including my old high school buddy Jay, seen here with trillian_stars

Jay and I used to do theatre together. We once tried out for the Odd Couple -- I thought I was a shoe in for Oscar and he was perfect for Felix -- imagine our suprise when not only were we both cast, but I was cast as Felix and Jay was cast as Oscar.

then we walked down to the Beccuna at the riverfront. Because Colin and I both love submarines.


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