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chicago, chicago, it's my kinda town!

I'm back at silveringridd's. We spent the whole day with Margaret Weis author of nine million Dragonlance books. She was awesome. We went to watch her dog Joey rehearse with the rest of the flyball team. These dogs are NUTS. Photos will follow.

Yesterday I photographed E. E. Knight author of the Vampire Earth books. He was so nice and I felt a bit sad leaving he posted some of the photos in his blog, you should check them out. His cat, Spooky is in them too. Then I photographed John O'Neil from Black Gate magazine who lives with his lovely wife and three children in a house made out of books. I felt sad leaving there too. He turned me on to the amazing Ysabeau Wilce who I'm going to see tomorrow. No doubt I shall feel even sadder after that. One tragic thing about these projects where you meet a hundred people is that, invariably, you become friends with some of them and you wish you lived closer.

Ah well. This is one of the penalties for being social animals. It could be worse, I could be a goldfish.

Just watching those dogs run around jumping hurdles and whatnot exhausted me. I think I have earned a martini.

Hope your life is awesome. Things here are swell.

p.s. Silveringridd's cat, Poose, is so freaking cute. There will be photos.

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