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One more update

So today was a fun-filled foray. Science Fiction legend Tom Purdom invited trillian_stars and I to a performance of the "American Society of Ancient Instruments" -- they play classical, romantic, and baroque music on period instruments.

One of the violin players had suffered a stroke only six weeks before and tonight she was tearing up the Paganini -- it was a testament to the human mind and it affected me on a scientific level as well -- how unknown, wonderous, and amazing this organ is.

Tom is, by the way, prominently featured on the cover of this month's Asimov's. And freakin Michael Swanwick's in there again -- didn't he just have a story in there last month? Buy it, read it.

* "Ancient" is a hold-over from the French version of this group where the word merely means "old" -- I was at first expecting people to be beating on hollow logs.

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