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no airplanes

So, we didn't find the plane wreck, ah well. But I'm home. I had an awesome weekend in New York City with my friend Colin and Ellen Freaking Datlow, Peter Freaking Straub, and Chip Freaking Delany. I played more video games than I've played in 12 years, but I also took 7 or 8 hundred photos. There will be some photos soon.

I got home, Roswell ran circles around my feet, mewping until I picked her up and carried her around -- trillian_stars returned from rehearsal and swifted through the back yard dressed in billowing Mayfaire Moon and barbecued me Morningstar veggie dogs like some great, generous diaphanous ghost.

I had a really amazing weekend and an equally wonderful homecoming.

Tell me, what novel does it look like she has sprung from the pages of?

I have returned!

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