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Trillian Stars Will Rock Your World

"A Funeral Farce" a new play written and directed by Curio Theatre's Jared Reed and Paul Kuhn opens this Friday at Curio fabulous space in the Calvary Center for Culture and Community. I saw about 20 minutes of it this weekend while doing photos and I think it might be the best thing they've done yet. Mistaken identities, identical twins, double booked funerals, a man looking for a woman who's really a man, or maybe it's the other way around, and either extra corpses or maybe not enough of them are the elements that drive this fast paced comedy.

The show opens this Friday with an opportunity afterwards to meet the cast.

As usual, we have floor/sofa space for people coming from more than 150 miles away. Sleeping space is limited to let us know if you'd like to come out, over, down, out.


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